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Lay the strongest foundation of your child's character and knowledge

Courses Offered


The abacus learning program provides significant benefits to children in enhancing their learning skills, photographic memory, visualization skills, increasing speed, higher concentration, and attaining accuracy and proficiency in all subjects. Due to this, this 2000-year-old technique remains the most sought-after course for learning even in this digital age.

Thursdays and Fridays  | 8pm to 9pm

For children in grades 1 to 5

Vedic Math

Vedic maths makes kids good with numbers. It helps them solve any calculations like roots, square roots, cubes, and squares in an easier manner. They become calm and confident when presented with numbers.

Mondays and Wednesdays | 8pm to 9pm

For children in grade 5 and above


Calculus is the foundation of many technical disciplines. It is a hard subject to master. Our instructors are patient and have more than 10 years of experience teaching calculus. They will provide your child with nurturing and supportive tutoring.

Sundays  | 9am to 10am

For children grade 10 and over

SAT Writing Prep

This course focuses on use of clear and concise language, vocabulary, grammar, and especially punctuation and spelling. This course will also focus on student's weaknesses in any of the categories, and make sure their writing style stays true to them.  This course will also have a reading comprehension element, because most SAT prompts will be in-depth with extensive vocabulary, which tend to bore students, so focusing on those skills will be a primary focus. These skills are important to develop in early stages of  writing for school and in the professional world because they will reflect on your ability to effectively express yourself. This is the first of a series of courses to be offered in the future.

For children grades 6 to 12

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